How You Can Help

Stand with me when I visit your state capital (see Schedule).

Help me find places to stay. (I try to stay within an hour’s drive of the state capital I will be visiting on the following day.)

Contribute to defraying my expenses at

Help spread the word on social media:

Like/share my Facebook page:

Follow me on Twitter:

Create your own post or tweet on any social network, using the hashtag #PleaseDontHireTrump.

Hold a sign in your city or town. You can duplicate my sign by downloading the jpg file and having it printed by a photo service as a 20″ x 30″ poster.  I ordered my poster online from Walgreen’s.  It was normally $24.99 but they were offering a 40% discount.  I glued the poster to a 20″ x 30″ sheet of foamcore that I bought at the Dollar Store for a dollar.  (Download sign)

I am carrying a set of 20 signs that spell out the hashtag #PleaseDontHireTrump, one character at a time.   If I can find 19 other people to stand with me at one of the state capitals, we can each hold one of these signs and together spell out the hashtag.